Safety HQ is Australia’s leading cooperative group of independent workplace safety distributors.

The group was formed when many of Australia’s largest independent workplace safety distributors identified that many non-safety product distributors began selling workplace safety products. These non-safety product distributors may have extensive knowledge about hammer-drills, electrical conduit or paper clips but do they know about workplace safety? Do they have the knowledge to make the correct recommendations to protect you or your employees in the workplace?

Safety HQ Members have committed themselves to workplace safety through the ownership of their business. They chose to learn, live and breathe workplace safety. It’s their livelihood!

All members have staff fully committed to providing workplace safety solutions. They are some of the most experienced and trained employees in the workplace safety industry.

Safety HQ Members can provide you with the correct recommendations to keep you and your employee’s safe at work. And by forming this group, we want to get the word out that it’s not simply about selling a safety product. It’s about using our knowledge, gained through experience and training, to provide the correct solution, and possibly the correct product, to keep workers safe!

More about Safety HQ Members

All Safety HQ Members are independently owned:

  • Committed to workplace safety through the ownership of their business
  • Exceptional workplace safety knowledge and training
  • Owners/key decision makers work in the business. This equates to flexibility and quick decision making
  • Profits stay in your local communities

Safety HQ Members are Workplace Safety only distributors:

  • Safety HQ Members only sell workplace safety products. It’s all we sell!
  • We specialise in workplace safety products and offer a complete workplace safety solution for all individuals or businesses

Safety HQ Members can offer small business service and big business prices:

  • As all members are independent we still offer small business service
  • The group’s collective buying power allows members to compete with National and International competitors

Safety HQ Members offer a complete workplace safety solution:

  • You can get all your workplace safety needs from all Safety HQ Members. Our members can recommend and provide all the products needed to keep you safe at work
  • All members have access to all the leading brands in the workplace safety industry