Safety HQ is inviting key retailers in the safety gear industry who are seeking better business and marketing opportunities and improved purchasing power to join a group called Safety HQ to help to consolidate and expand their business.

With the introduction of big box retailers and the ever-expanding independent groups expanding their PPE offering, independent safety retailers need to be aware that their share of the safety market is constantly under attack.

You just have to look at the many independently owned businesses operating in the hardware, tools and industrial supplies markets that are thriving simply due to the fact that they are a part of a strong co-operative group.

They have combined their business knowledge, purchasing power and marketing budgets to become dominant players in their particular industry segment.

Initial Membership benefits include:
–      Personalised brochures
–      Personalised product guides
–      Supplier supplied promotional literature
–      Corporate store branding
–      Bulk order opportunities
–      Annual supplier market / trade day attendance
–      Annual member’s meeting attendance
–      Access to Safety HQ Website and linking
–      I.T. and graphic design support
–      Rebates and LTI’s from suppliers
–      The potential for improved pricing
–      Access to a broader supplier base
–      Networking with suppliers & other industry operators
–      Corporate opportunities while remaining totally independent