About Safety HQ
Safety HQ is a collective group of local independently owned safety gear stores with hard-core safety people that offer a total workplace safety solution for their customers. WE ONLY SELL SAFETY GEAR! Don’t ask us about hammer drills or paper-clips because we only know about safety gear! Our brand point of difference is – we do not just sell safety products but offer a workplace safety service where products are an integral part of the total safety solution. Our members are some of the most experienced experts in the safety industry that can draw on their own experience and knowledge to help their customers overcome any danger that may be present in their workplace. Each member is a safety champion of their area that will listen to the needs of their customers and recommend the suitable equipment / products based on their vast knowledge and experience in the safety industry. Protecting yourself and your workers is not simply about buying a product. You need to know a product will protect the user when the hazard is present! Our members have the knowledge and experience to help protect all workers in their workplace.
Safety HQ Members are the workplace safety specialists! read more..